"The Ambers"
A Snapshot of Netherbury Football Club
by Roger Dowle

The Netherbury Football Club was founded after the Second World War in the season 1947/48 with village residents, Ginge Lansom, Percy Webb and Ron Winters being instrumental in getting players together to start things off.
The colour of the shirt chosen for the clubs identity was Amber / Yellow, which was a reflection of one of the most successful professional teams of the era, Wolverhampton Wanderers who played in Amber shirts. Since that time Netherbury Football Club has been known as "The Ambers".
The original group of players, officials and their wives started with the most basic of facilities, but the qualities they possessed, the great team spirit and the love of the game they generated can be seen to have influenced the generations that have followed.
Throughout it's history the club has played a very positive and active role in the development of football at each Minor, Intermediate and Junior league levels within the geographic area of West Dorset and East Devon.
For reasons of geographic / travel convenience the club has competed for the most part in the long established Perry Street League.
It has also supported and provided opportunities for local players to participate in Sunday League and Youth Team league Football and from the very beginning the encouragement of young players has always been a feature of the club.

A further significant feature is the number of club players who after finishing playing have turned their energies int a Refereeing, Managing local clubs and coaching youth teams.
The "Ambers" played at two diiferent home venues locations prior to the acquisition of the Netherbury Playing fields 56 years ago.

Both pitches at Strode and Bowdowns were by courtesy of Mayor Symes of Hingston Farm. They were pitches, in common with many others of the era, marked out farm fields which were gazed by cattle and sheep throughout the year, including the football season.

During it's 66 year history the "Ambers" have promotion candidates on 13 occasions.
Been league champions 7 times and runner ups on 6 occasions.
They have also Cup / Trophy finalists 29 times, winning the trophy on 14 occasions.
Cup triumphs include the Dorset Junior Cup, 3 Times winners of the Edwards Charity Cup, Perry Street Division 1 Cup, Divsion 2 Cup, Arthur Gage winners 2 times.

Have also won the Reg Eglon, Bill Bailey and Jack Venn Cups.